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What is LOUD?

$LOUD is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token built to support Loud Market’s NFT Marketplace. This platform has been created to empower musicians and artists in selling their work as NFTs instantly, at fair prices with no hidden fees! Our platform gives artists the opportunity to promote their media and create another source of income in the form of instant cryptocurrency payments.

NFTs can be listed at a single sale price or sold through auction. Additionally, artists can include a “Royalty fee” guaranteeing them a percentage of all future sales. $LOUD tokens will be accepted as payment by the content creators, musicians and artists, and! Content creators will be subject to small BNB fees when creating (“minting”) NFTs which is a requirement when performing any function on the BSC.

// we support and establish relationships with artists

Zero Fees, Happy Artists

Did you know – experts estimate artists see only 14% of all profit within the music industry! Here at Loud, we believe that the artists that use our marketplace deserve to keep 100% of their revenue. As such, there are no inbuilt fees taken by the marketplace when using the native $LOUD token!

Loud Market will continue to be updated and developed by LoudMarketLTD, the British corporation behind Loud Market. Investment funds will be raised through the $LOUD ICO as well as advertisements and partnerships.

Loud will also raise revenue for marketing, development and exchange listings by selling the dedicated teams fund (tokens) over a period of time, as and when funds are required.

// V3.0 Arriving Very Soon..

Loud Market Arriving This Month.. Get Ready!

You can access the BETA platform by clicking here


(UPDATED 26/11/2021)


BSC > ETH Bridge
Coming Soon

What is a Cross-Chain Bridge?

  • The Cross Chain Bridge will connect $LOUD to the ETH network. $LOUD will exist as a BEP20 token and an ERC20 token but will have only one total supply, and only one market cap.

Why Create a Cross-Chain Bridge?

  • Opens $LOUD to ETH whales, and generally much more investment
  • This will boost $LOUD liquidity and market cap
  • Allows ETH users to access Loud Market, thus increasing demand for Loud NFTs
  • Opens up possibilities for ETH collaborations and partnerships

The Cross Chain Bridge will facilitate much greater levels of investment into the $LOUD token, Loud NFTs, and the community itself. We believe this will hugely increase liquidity for $LOUD, which in turn will increase the market cap of the $LOUD token.

Let’s make Loud, louder!

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The Loudlings

Till now, many NFTs have been created for reasons such as hype and have only been created as art and a picture in hopes they become valuable. Loudlings are built to be valuable. Only 10,000 born.

What can a Loudling do?

  • Loud Market music drops regularly from various artists released to all Loudling holders. Will be split amongst the Loudlings NFT holders.
  • Loud Market Metaverse (future) – Meta concerts, AMAs and events. Loudlings will give free access to exclusive holder events held in the future.
  • Loud Market Events – there will be live events in the future which holding loudlings will give access to attend.
  • Automatic Entry for future Merchandise, NFT and Lotteries hosted by Loud Market
  • Loudlings Exclusive AMAs with the team and artists

Visit the official Loudlings website here
You can mint loudlings by clicking here


Loud is Audited
By Rugbusters

“This token passes our audit. We did find some sources for potential exploits in the contract, however, those were all OnlyOwner functions and we dont believe that the token founders are bad artists. They are public and also have a company registered already; Loud Market Ltd which is a strong sign of longevity and ambition. They do also have a really cool and exciting concept and its not hard to see this really take off if the execution is good. As always, ape with caution, dont invest your life savings – the audit is not financial advice”


Loud is KYC Verified
By idopresales.com

“As idopresales.com team, we have conducted a KYC process with the Loud NFT team members. Loud NFT team members have passed KYC verification process. During the KYC process, the identities of the team members and their connection to the project were determined. Team members provided important documents for these determinations. KYC mainly aims to protect investors against scam-rug pull. The KYC service includes the identification of the project owner. Therefore, this service will assist the decision-making process of investors. Please DYOR.”

Roadmap Q2 2021 - Q2 2022

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// Quarter 3-4 / 2021

Start Up

// Quarter 4-1 / 2021-22

v2 Launch

// Quarter 1-2 / 2022

The Future

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CRYPTO EXPO DUBAIWe are a sponsor at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022!

Loud Market is the newest company to join the sponsorship list for Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 in their next event on the 16th-17th of March.

James, Loud Market's CEO will give a presentation in the main hall to over 13,000 investors where he will explain the progression of the music industry, and how NFTs and Loud Market are going to change it forever.

Loud Market is going international and reaching out directly to thousands of high-wealth investors!