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// Step 1

Buy $LOUD (Trust Wallet)

Trust Wallet is the best solution for purchasing and utilizing cryptocurrency on mobile devices. This is a simple application available on both Apple and Android device. This is a relatively easy solution for setting up your wallet and buying $LOUD tokens.

To start getting Trust Wallet setup and ready, please navigate to your app store on your device and install the application. Follow the instructions given via Metamask and then come back to this page. 

// Step 2

Time to buy BNB BEP-20

The easiest solution for purchasing BEP-20 tokens is via the Trust Wallet (Mobile) solution. Its as simple as download the app (whether it be on Android or Apple devices), set up your wallet, click buy and follow the procedure to obtain your BNB BEP-20 tokens. So.. Recap:

  1. Download Trust Wallet & Setup your wallet (follow instructions)
  2. Navigate to Buy, Select “Smart Chain”, Enter the amount you want to buy
  3. Select MoonPay (as Third Party Provider)
  4. Follow Instructions to buy BEP-20 – usually takes up to an hour to appear in your Trust Wallet account. 
// Step 5

Almost there.. Buying $LOUD

  1. Click here to go to our amazing web wallet solution.
  2. Go to the top right and click “Connect Wallet”.
  3. Choose Binance Network > WalletConnect > Trust
  4. Trust Wallet will open > Click Connect
  5. Navigate back to the browser tab.
  6.  Click Advanced settings and change slippage to 10%
  7. In the “You send” section put in the number of BNB you want to swap (leave a little for fees)
  8. Click Swap > Will navigate you back to the Trust Wallet – click confirm.
  9. Navigate back to the browser tab and payment confirmation should appear there – now you have successfully purchased Loud Tokens 🙂

For Mobile device users – below is a image carousel (slider). Please swipe left and right to see the steps from above. 

// Step 6

Final Step - Promise!

If you can’t see your tokens in your Trust Wallet – please complete the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Manage tool on the top right of Trust Wallet
  2. Search “Loud” – our token should appear
  3. Press on the grey cog (should turn green) 
  4. Click “Done” in top right
  5. Loud tokens should appear 🙂