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// Step 1

Buy $LOUD via Metamask

Metamask is the best solution for browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. Metamask offers a simple installation procedure via browser extensions and is a relatively easy solution for setting up your wallet ready to buy $LOUD tokens.

To start getting metamask setup and ready, please click here and install the browser extension. Follow the instructions given via Metamask and then come back to this page. 

Now step 1 is completed, please continue to Step 2 (below).

// Step 2

Prepare Smart Chain

To be able to transfer BEP-20 tokens to Metamask you need to setup the network. Please navigate to Settings > Network > Add Network – and use complete the form with the details below and save.

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Please navigate back to the wallet page and change the network at the top. 

// Step 3

Time to buy BNB BEP-20

The easiest solution for purchasing BEP-20 tokens is via the Trust Wallet (Mobile) solution. Its as simple as download the app (whether it be on Android or Apple devices), set up your wallet, click buy and follow the procedure to obtain your BNB BEP-20 tokens. So.. Recap:

  1. Download Trust Wallet & Setup your wallet (follow instructions)
  2. Navigate to Buy, Select “Smart Chain”, Enter the amount you want to buy
  3. Select MoonPay (as Third Party Provider)
  4. Follow Instructions to buy BEP-20 – usually takes up to an hour to appear in your Trust Wallet account. 
// Step 4

Transfer to Metamask

I’m glad to say you’ve now completed the most complicated parts.. should all be easier from here on. So.. please copy your address from your Metamask wallet (example shown on image) and get the address sent over to your phone (email it to yourself or airdrop in notes). 

Go back to Trust wallet, navigate to Smart Chain > Send > Paste Address & select amount and continue. The funds should appear on Metamask wallet.

// Step 5

Almost there.. Buying $LOUD

  1. Click here to go to our amazing web wallet solution.
  2. Go to the top right and click “Connect Wallet”.
  3. Choose Binance Network > Metamask – Metamask should pop up and please allow the connection. 
  4. Click on “Exchange” (top left), enter the amount of BNB you want to swap (make sure you leave a little for fees).
  5. The amount of LOUD you get should be estimated and then click Swap and follow on metamask pop-ups. 
  6. Transaction > Successful = Congratulations you now own $LOUD tokens.
// Step 6

Final Step - Promise!

Your tokens will appear in the Loud Market official web wallet, however to make them appear in Metamask you will have to add the $LOUD asset. 

  1. Go to Metamask wallet > Assets > Add Token
  2. Enter the information:
    Contract Address: 0x3d0e22387ddfe75d1aea9d7108a4392922740b96
    Symbol: LOUD
    Decimal: 18
  3. Click Next > Add Token 
  4. Loud Tokens should appear in Metamask 🙂