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Welcome to $LOUD! $LOUD is the BSC token underpinning Loud Market - the first ever targeted audio and music NFT marketplace. Loud Market is designed to empower artists through easily allowing them to sell their work directly to fans! Loud Market is turning your music into liquid assets through the power of NFT technology!

The Problem with Music:

Did You Know: Experts estimate artists only receive 14% of the total profit from the music industry!

At Loud Market Ltd we see this figure as a big issue. Whilst NFT technology has been empowering visual artists to sell their work freely, musicians have been left behind to will of the major record labels and streaming companies. Many low-mid level musicians are unable to enter a market dominated by big players, who themselves are losing much of their profit to these corporations. Furthermore, fans have found it increasingly difficult to interact with their favourite artists, as marketing and media companies have continued to exercise greater control on the industry.

How Does Loud Market Solve this Problem?

By allowing the direct sale of music and audio files by artists to fans, Loud Market cuts out much of the unnecessary costs of the established music industry! When using the native $LOUD token artists may sell their work directly to their fans for no additional fees!* With fee-less sales artists can easily monetise their work and interact directly with fans, furthermore, fans will be able to support their favourite artists and own their favourite tracks! This said, Loud Market is not just for low-mid level artists. Mainstream artists will also benefit from an immediate stream of income, being able to sell their work instantly rather than waiting for streaming income and disk sales. The potential market size for Loud Market and the $LOUD token is endless, as there is no artist that would not benefit from NFT technology.

*Artists may also choose to sell their work in other mainstream cryptocurrencies at a flat 6.5% fee. Money raised from these fees will go directly into marketing Loud Market and the $LOUD Token.

Market Statistics

NFT trading has increased drastically each month of 2021 with August’s trading volume sitting over $3.2 billion.

Additionally, the number of people interacting with NFTs has grown at a similar rate, as can be shown by the number of active market wallets. The below graph also shows the dominance of art within the NFT market.

Music industry revenue was $11.1 billion in 2019

Revenue for the music industry has been on the rise for the past 7 years due to streaming and online consumption. Not only does this graph show the drastic impact of streaming on the music industry, but it also shows how quickly new technology can grow within the music industry.

Over 60 million music subscriptions in 2019

$LOUD Token – The profitable token that supports Loud Market.

Contract Address: 0x3d0e22387ddfe75d1aea9d7108a4392922740b96
Name: Loud Market
Ticker: LOUD
Decimals: 18
BscScan Token Link: 0x3d0e22387ddfe75d1aea9d7108a4392922740b96
Max Supply: 100,000,000 (100 Million) $LOUD Tokens
Company Expenses: 7,500,000 (7.5 Million) $LOUD Tokens
Marketing Funds: 2,500,000 (2.5 Million) $LOUD Tokens

$LOUD token will be used to initially raise funds with an ICO, as well as underpin the Loud Market marketplace. $LOUD will gain its value by being the cheapest way to purchase audio and music NFTs on Loud Market.

The tax system put in place has been created to directly increase the value of $LOUD and reward holders. Inbuilt is a highly advanced algorithm that combats price dips by issuing buys and burns, thus helping to initiate the post-dip growth! See the breakdown below:

  • 2% redistribution Tax
  • This tax redistributes 2% of all transactions to $LOUD holders proportionately to the amount of tokens that they hold, thus rewarding you for holding $LOUD!
  • 1% Liquidity Pool Tax
  • This tax distributes 1% of all transactions into pancakeswap liquidity to increase the ease of trading, and the value of $LOUD!
  • 1% Buyback and Burn function
  • This complex algorithm stores 1% of all transactions until there is a period of price decline. At this point the SmartMath wallet uses the stored tax to purchase $LOUD tokens to reduce the fall in price. These purchased tokens are then burnt reducing total supply and increasing the value of each token.
  • 2% Marketing wallet
  • This tax automatically converts into $BUSD to be used by Loud Market Ltd for artist partnerships, advertisement and other company costs! These funds will be invested into the company to increase the value of the market and subsequently the value of $LOUD.

Team and Vision

James Gray – CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Hello and welcome to Loud Market! I’m James, the CEO of Loud Market Ltd. I am a Law graduate from the University of Bristol, currently living in London, England. I have had experience working within a legal setting in both Singapore and the UK and have built a strong understanding both legal and corporate systems through my study and more general experiences. I’ve been actively involved in the crypto markets for almost half a decade and this, combined with my previous involvement with music artists, has sparked my interest in how to best optimise music engagement for artists and fans through NFT technology. My role in the business is that of a CEO – I determine the direction of the business as a whole and lead talks about long term strategy with the other directors. I, alongside the other directors, take responsibility for the performance, and results of the business and the token. If you want to hear any more from me about my personal life or about Loud Market, I am always active on the Loud Market telegram group. Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly with any enquiries at James@loudnft.co

Thomas Whitten-Morgan – CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Hey I'm Tom - Welcome! I'm the CIO of Loud Market Ltd. I have been interested in coding and development from an early age, having learnt HTML, PHP and CSS at 11 years old, then moving onto SQL databases and creating retros of my favourite online games. My skills transgressed into learning to code and develop websites fluently, ethical hacking before gaining my qualifications in Cyber Security. This whole journey has led me to build up a great network of developers, coders and other individuals required to build projects like Loud Market. My role in Loud Market Ltd is that of managing the individuals responsible for building our networks and systems, and creating the bridge between the technical workers and the business side of the company. I am excited to put my wealth of experience to work for the token holders and the company. Bring on Loud! Contact me at Tom@loudnft.co